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Click next and continue by selecting the right tables Genre, Review for your entity model.Leave the default name for the namespace Movie Store Model and click finish to exit the wizard.We are going to do everything from the server side. This control has one very important event that we are going to heavily manipulate - Item Data Bound. Code explanation We are going to have Label controls in Item Template and Text Box controls in Edit Item Template.In "edit mode" every Label is going to be switched with Text Box.The Grid View and Details View controls offer built-in editing functionality that can be turned on with the tick of a checkbox.Without writing a line of declarative markup or server-side source code, the page developer gets a decent out of the box editing interface.control is probably the best among all data bind build-in controls in ASP. There is one drawback though: you need to know exactly how control works with other controls such as the Data-Source controls and despite the fact that Visual Studio allows to configure the control via the Design mode from the Smart Tag, the most times you will need to change the generated code in order to function properly. NET Web Forms developers and is preferred between other similar controls, such as the . It supports all the CRUD operations for your data-binded items plus is fully customizable.

This code is the second part of "if statements" in the Item Data Bound event handler.

hi which find control for example, button, in Rad List View1_Item Editing i try below code,but give error.

protected void Rad List View1_Item Editing(object sender, Rad List View Command Event Args e) please help me. in otherwise the texbox befor edite="nice" and after press edit="Re: nice" row number when i set value to propertice in Rad List View1_Pre Render or Rad List View1_Item Created , give error for example when i set : protected void Rad List View1_Item Created(object sender, Rad List View Item Event Args e) or protected void Rad List View1_Pre Render(object sender, Event Args e) give Error.

Before starting you need to know about our database tables. relationship between those tables, where a Genre can have many reviews attached and a review must be bind to only one Genre.

If you want to follow along with this post, at the bottom of the page you can download the project we will create (as always), where you can find attached the SQL script you need to create the database and it’s tables. In Visual Studio 2012 create a new web site, choosing the Empty ASP. Name the site Entity Framework’s approach to create the classes automatically.

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Namely, each field in the Grid View or Details View is rendered in its editing interface; Bound Fields display a Text Box control while Check Box Fields display an enabled checkbox.

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