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Cisco wap4410n validating identity

Got it working in the end - once you said this and your above hint, I got it worked out and setup a Radius Client for each AP. 2nd repeater I can connect through router (used as DHCP) and Cisco AP. All steps above makes WAP4410N fail to extend the signal range of E2500.** WAP4410N successfully works as a repeater to extend the signal of E2500 when there is no password to be set on both devices. We are attempting to upgrade wireless infrastructure by moving to Wireless-N and WPA2 security. The wireless setting are being deployed to end users via Group Policy. Occasionally, the wireless status will transition to "Validating Identity".Unofficial support for Configuration and Toubleshooting of Linksys Devices with latest updates.

Still put a captive portal that forces them to agree to terms-of-use (to get rid of the "I didn't know" defense).I've tried all new firmwares and it just made things worse.Had to resort to the original out-of-the-box firmware for best results.I work as a system administrator managing the internet of a dorm.We are running a wireless network with WPA2 Enterprise authentication.

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