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After fulfilling their role as mothers, there is no need to keep the sexual relation. It’s enough to go to any Georgian city, town or church. The Internet is full of the buzz created by expat women and female volunteers from Europe: they usually claim everywhere they go, they are being hit on by randy Georgians.The women have told stories about taxi drivers who repeatedly tried to ask them out or were bragging about their affairs with Russian and Ukrainian girls.After all of the practical info they finished it with the sentence: “…and buy a ring before you will come and put it on your finger as married”.Then they were laughing a lot and the meaning of their laughter was lost on me, at that time I did not get the point. As Kylie wrote at the beginning of her article, foreigner women receive a lot of visible attention from guys here. I have blonde hair, it is visible at the first sight that I am not from Georgia.Throughout these experiences, we couldn’t help but notice the rather worrying habit that American expats in the country had of being overly critical on trivial, petty reasons; we’ve surmised that this could only be a result of their delusional understanding of what they’re getting themselves involved with.Thus, we suggest five small yet key things to consider for future American expats so that we don’t need to suffer overhearing the same story again in Canudos Bar.Photo: Nir Nußbaum AS TWO DRUNKEN ROMANTICS that love our travel, we both knew the moment we came to Georgia that our lives would never be the same again. Since then, one of us has written a Master’s thesis about Georgia, while the other returns with such frequency that he is known in one village as “Blue Eyed Irish Klemens.” Naturally, we believe that the beautiful country of Georgia demands a lot more respect and attention on the world stage.Both of us have lived in Georgia on four occasions and we have immersed ourselves in both the local and expat scenes.

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In Georgia, a rumour has it that all Slav girls are unsatisfied sex-machines, and even Samantha Jones (“Sex and the City”) is an innocent angel when compared to them. Well, men are allowed to enjoy themselves during their teenage years. All you need to do is to go to one of Tbilisi districts, Saburtalo, or somewhere near the main road. Ask a taxi driver or go to the seaside: Batumi or Gonio.

Very often their caring fathers buy sex with prostitutes before their sons turn 18. Many Thai massage salons in the centre offer the exact same services. There you will find plenty of call girls whose main target are Turkish tourists.

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Some of my buddies were quite convinced I would go for multiple affairs with some beautiful and mysterious women of the East. I didn’t want to be like Hank Moody – just drink, smoke and bang everything what moves. I was working, sightseeing, daydreaming and writing about Georgian society, history, culture, relationships.