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I was reading a book about a woman who had been kidnapped and all she had was the outfit she was wearing at the time. When she washed each item, she did so with such care and attention.This one t-shirt and pair of jeans were unbelievably valuable. Yet we often get so infatuated with the need for more.We can’t buy just one pair of pants or shirt, we need a closet full. We toss them on the floor, shove them in the back where they are forgotten, and leave them behind.

Out of the hundreds of friends you have, one just empathized with what you said.

This, unfortunately, seems to be a common problem in churches everywhere and must be changed.

The first time we discovered a problem with receiving help from the church was within our pre-marital counseling. He looked at both of us and simply said, “I don’t see how this will work.” As we now can see, he was right in the larger sense.

The reasons he believed we would fail were ones that never really impacted our marriage.

Dave thought he might want kids and I thought I didn’t (but neither of us really were set either way).

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Dave liked more alone time whereas I liked to spend more time together.