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Also notice that your SAMLResponse contains a Encrypted Assertion.In order to check the signature, the toolkit first decrypt the Encrypted Assertion and later try to find an Assertion signed in order to validate it.The response has a signed message and encrypted assertion: @clane-axial, Can you check if the SAMLResponse is also invalidated at this tool?https:// validation is something complex, a simple extra space can invalidate your XML.

SAMLAuthentication Provider.authenticate(SAMLAuthentication at Provider Manager.authenticate(Provider at org.springframework. SAMLProcessing Filter.attempt Authentication(SAMLProcessing at org.springframework.authentication. Abstract Authentication Processing Filter(Abstract Authentication Processing at org.springframework.

Should I have entry point in SP also support Https?

Thanks HTTP Status 401 - Authentication Failed: Error validating SAML message; nested exception is org.opensaml.common.

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