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He was waiting to be mounted and filled with the cock of a furry creature. Are you looking for a girl as dirty as you are, that can help you get off? Well that sweet sweet piece of ass your looking at above is me, and I am so ready to make your hot dream come true. No one goes willingly into something like this, so of course he resisted. s a filthy thing to get fucked in the ass by a dog, but eventually he was naked on his hands and knees and waiting for it.Standard in CNC machined, hand-polished surgical stainless steel.Options include titanium components, personalized piercing adaptations, or alternate fixed cap styles.

Rather than be a plug that you would just simply insert, this plug allow you to expand it's size (while inserted, up to 2.7") and then be locked, leaving your partner good and stretched.

Featuring a fully articulating spine composed of miniature steel skulls, this bio-mechanically revealed masterpiece is 100% made-to-measure for a perfect…This locking prince albert chastity piercing device keeps him chaste in an opulent organic form with a finish reminiscent of liquid mercury.

The confinement of this small cock cage is a head-only, ultra-minimalist, anatomically molded design.

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