Gta 4 final mod updating

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updates: Version 2.3C build: 070207:- fixed installer drag&drop bug and wrong work in progress tab being shown by default accidently- fixed vice-city and gta3 wheel rendering- fixed calculation of zoom level for models created with zmodeler Version 2.3B build: 050207:- fixed text parsing routines to handle tab characters properly. Version 2.3 build: 200107:- fixed: various internal bugs have been fixed which have not caused specific large-scale troubles- added: visually improved car list & find box to blend with interface- added: when viewing models, it automaticly selects ideal zoom- added: you can change heading of car's front wheels.

He soon stumbles upon The Baker Family, a group of strange people infected with some form of deadly virus.I am slowly retiring from being active in the gta modding scene, which doesn't mean i'm completely quitting, i'll hang around for a while, doing other interesting stuff (like this sa-mp map editor), but i'm not going to produce any more tools or updates for gta in general, there will be soon one more final update with a lot of interesting things before this website is closed as it served its purpose, but i hope it stays online to serve anyone interesting in future modding.So stay tuned for that last package of goodies, it's comming soon.Engage your external recruiters via Workable to keep all your candidates and prospects in one place. Transparent communication, 2-way email sync and an intuitive interface keeps everyone up to speed.Engage your external recruiters via Workable to keep all your candidates and prospects in one place.

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