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Intimidating shout spell id

I like this, it's actually refreshing to see a helpful post on AJ.

At first sight, I say you have to change the sin and punishment part of shadowpriest and replace it by shadow 4pc bonus. I like the controlled roots on priests now that stupid retardiors can't just remove them every 30 sec, the same cooldown as void tendrils, just like psychic scream vs berserker rage.

Then, delete the retribution part of repentance and add blinding light in the same category (I suppose it's in the disorient DR, right? Damn warriors immune to fear I never understood how such an op ability against priests and locks is still in the game, it's like lock vs mage during TBC which they balanced, but whatever this is sooo offtopic.

Oh and priest mind control doesn't exist any more, now it's called Dominate Mind, and I don't know if it remains in the same category but why would they change it?

The Care and Feeding of Warriors, the column dedicated to arms, fury and protection warriors.Unitdebuff( name, rank, icon, count, dispel Type, duration, expires, caster, is Stealable, nameplate Show Personal, spell ID, can Apply Aura, is Boss Debuff, _, nameplate Show All, time Mod, value1, value2, value3 = Unit Debuff ("Healer Name Goes Here", index [, "filter"]) if name = "Storm Bolt" or "Shockwave" or "Intimidating Shout" or "Static Shock" or "Intimidation" or "Legsweep" or "Cheap Shot" or "Kidney Shot" or "Between the Eyes" or "Asphyxiate" or "Strangulate" or "Hammer of Justice" or "Fist of Justice" or "Mind Bomb" or "Psychic Scream" or "Fear" then Create Frame("Frame","bosw", UIParent) bosw: Set Width(48) bosw: Setheight(48) bosw: Set Point("CENTER",0,0) bosw: Create Texture("boswtexture") boswtexture: Set All Point() boswtexture: Set Texture("Interface\Icons\Spell_Holy_Greater Blessingof Sanctuary.blp") end Two obvious things: = means "set the variable to this value", not "check if variable equals this value".You need to use == You are using 'or' incorrectly, its 'a==b or a==c or a==d', not 'a==b or c or d'.If not, you probably want to declare them as a local.Also, if you're not going to use anything other than name, you shouldn't declare the rest. Lastly, your filter string is not done properly and could just be ignored.

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The spell IDs should be correct and although some spells are not categorized, yet, the rest is solid information.