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Frank's electronic brain and the left half of his face are damaged after encountering a trigger-happy Martian and his ray gun.Frank, now "Frankenstein", described by his creator as an "astro-robot without a control system", proceeds to terrorize the island.In the United States, it was initially released on a double bill with Curse of the Voodoo.The film tells the story of a robot who combats alien invaders. Frankenstein nor Frankenstein's monster appear in the film.The title colors refer to changes on Mars during the trilogy.Exploring Mars Mars Probes Probes of the Past Probes of the Future Mars Water Mars Canals Mars Air Mars Rocks Mars Seasons Mars Mountains Mars Rift Valley Mars Moons Mars Life Search Mars Dust Storms Mars Stats Mars Nearby Mars history Mars Resources Mars Orbiter 2005 Mars Scout 2007 Rover Spirit 2003 Rover Opportunity 2003 Express 2003 Odyssey 2001 Polar Lander 1999 Climate Orbiter 1998 Deep Space 2 1999 Global Surveyor 1996 Pathfinder Lander 1996 Rover Sojourner 1996 Pathfinder Mission 1996 Viking-1 Lander 1975 Viking-2 Orbiter 1975 Viking-1 Lander 1975 Viking-1 Orbiter 1975 Mariner 9 Orbiter 1971 Mars 3 Lander 1971 Mariner 4 Flyby 1964 Viking Mission 1975 Mars Meteorites - JPL Solar System - JPL Welcome to the Planets - JPL Planetary Photojournal - JPL Mars - Athena - NASA Ames Solar System Tour - BBC Mars - New York Times Windows...The book was adapted for film in 1953 and again in a version directed by Steven Spielberg in 2005.

(1996) Mars Attacks the World (1938) Mars, De (1983) Mars IMAX 3D (2001) Mars na Drinu (1964) Mars Needs Women (1966) Mars pobede (1986) Mars smrti (1984) Mars' Stepson (1914) Mars Villa (1978) Alien Escape (1995) aka Galaxy Girls (1995) Conquest of Space (1955) aka Mars Project (1955) Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster (1965) aka Duel of the Space Monsters (1965) aka Frankenstein Meets the Space Men (1965) aka Mars Attacks Puerto Rico (1965) aka Mars Invades Puerto Rico (1965) aka Marte invade a Puerto Rico (1965) aka Operation San Juan (1965) It! The Vampire from Beyond Space (1958) aka Terror from Beyond Space, The (1958) aka Mars - kuoleman planeetta (1959) Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938) aka Space Soldiers' Trip to Mars (1938) Fußballwettspiel Erde - Mars (1922) Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (1953) aka On to Mars (1953) aka Rocket and Roll (1953) Ship That Was Sent Off to Mars, The (1921) Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars (1989) Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1983) aka Bowie '73 with the Spiders from Mars (1983) Agent 'Z' and the Penguin from Mars (1994) (TV) D-Day on Mars (1966) (TV) Deadly Ray from Mars (1966) (TV) Escape from Mars (1999) (TV) Girl from Mars, The (1991) (TV) Special Report: Journey to Mars (1996) (TV) Svadbeni mars (1995) (TV) Mars Miniseries (2001) "Biker Mice From Mars" (1993) TV series "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" (1966) TV series aka "Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars" (1966) aka "Revenge of the Mysterons" (1966) "Pathfinders to Mars" (1960) TV series In 1897 in The War of the Worlds, H. Wells wrote about technologically superior Martians trying to conquer Earth.On this day in 1941, the American automaker Henry Ford sits down at his desk in Dearborn, Michigan and writes a letter to the Indian nationalist leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Congress passes the Crittenden-Johnson Resolution, declaring that the war is being waged for the reunion of the states and not to interfere with the institutions of the South, namely slavery.The letter effusively praises Gandhi and his campaign of civil disobedience aimed at forcing the British colonial government out of... The measure was important in keeping the pivotal states of Missouri, Kentucky, and...It is also known as Frankenstein Meets the Space Men, Mars Attacks Puerto Rico, Mars Invades Puerto Rico, and Operation San Juan.Released by the Futurama Entertainment Corp., it was released on DVD by Dark Sky Films in 2006.

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President Richard Nixon announces that henceforth the United States will expect its Asian allies to tend to their own military defense.