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Namely, some extra cash for a better produced show, extra promo materials, and some gear; which means more for your pocket after the show.

Here is a linear breakout of how you can do this: 1.

In addition to all her other magical skills, Emma Watson sings.

The act of using ones voice to produce musical sounds, often with the use of words.

Also remember, Pepsi and Coke have sub-brands of energy drinks and things (beer distributors do as well).

"We pre-recorded every [song], but some of us sang live on set as well, during the takes," he revealed.

"We were mic'd, and they recorded that, and I think afterwards, in sound, they'll be able to chose whether the live version is better than the pre-recorded version." So there you have it.

You either command a nice guarantee OR you do so well at the door that you fore-go the guarantee for the bigger payout. Here's an answer for ya: Generate some more dollars in the form of sponsorship [Download our Free e Book: 23 Ways Musicians Can Make Money] Ok, but remember - if you have the eyeballs and the ears at your shows, you call the shots. And if you pick correctly, a lot of cool things can happen.

You can pretty much sell out the mid to largest room in town.

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