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Take note of stereotypical intonation patterns and abundance of white wines, light beers and martinis. Confirm understanding that I’m in a gay bar with a nice young man, Anthony.He’s very warm and invites me to join them – I say I will in a moment after finishing a bit of writing.The movie is the ultimate rendition of VR as an existential threat. Or perhaps memories of Cronenberg’s 1983 sci-fi movie “Videodrome” in which people get so intimate with media, in this case television, that the the mediated reality is perceived as real, thereby blurring reality and messing up peoples heads.

It triggered memories of the Wachowski-brothers’ 1999 blockbuster-hit “The Matrix” in which humanity itself is imprisoned in a VR-environment simulating the beginning of the 20th century.Sit awkwardly at bar amongst sports fans and wonder what tenacity I possess to keep this up. Pull out shield of notebook and begin to take notes on travels thus far.Men ordering drinks next to me mostly don’t look at me, unless with a slight frown.It’s hard to remember how annoyed I felt about that restless legs thing – I’ve been far too occupied and amused to bother thinking about foolish people lately. Not the Hilton (where we stayed in DC), but clean and safe. ” as my mind swam in some sort of anachronistic sense that in Boston they don’t let the women drink in public.Pop in at the bar downstairs for a drink after the Radcliffe conference on Thursday evening. “Sure,” he says, “more might come later.” Weird, but okay.


” A blonde guy with charming dimples was standing by our table. ” he said, lifting an eyebrow whilst smiling seductively. “We are idiots.” I exclaimed, the thick irony becoming more and more appearant. His friend joined us and finished his sentence, “What do you girls do? I remembered the nervous, naked man and his terrible Napoleon-joke. I looked at Evelyn who nodded, “Me too.” We could have stopped our lie there. I was fuming, but had no idea how to deal with the situation.

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