Typological dating

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Click on Next in the margin to see 24 artifacts from the Concord Museum's collection.The artifacts are in chronological order from earliest to latest.in archaeology, a method of systematic and chronological classifying of archaeological remains. The typological method entails the classification of ancient objects—such as weapons, work implements, ornaments, or vessels—according to the materials and methods used in making them and according to their shape and ornamentation. Montelius, was first applied in European archaeology in the second half of the 19th century.They have been dated based on their typology and the chronological framework of time periods.

Out of the roughly 800 manuscripts found at Qumran, 220 are from the Tanakh.

The typological method is a valuable archaeological procedure.

...typologies, combined with careful stratigraphic work, were used to conceptualize elements changing through time, to fill stratigraphic gaps, and to extrapolate strata.

To date artifacts most accurately, archaeologists need the context in which artifacts lie in the ground to be undisturbed.

This context may then be excavated to find associations between the artifacts and the organic materials required for radiocarbon dating.

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A secondary dating method, a rule-of-thumb chronological framework of time periods, may be used when an artifact's context is not known, as often occurs for artifacts in museum collections.