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This patch includes memory allocator bug fixes, seraphim ACU overcharge reload time fix and misc air unit changes (all factions).

Patch Notes:* Memory allocator bug fixes* Engineering station build rates changed* Seraphim ACU overcharge reload time fix* Seraphim ACU restoration field upgrade tweaks* Misc air unit changes (all factions)This file has been archived from File Front which shut down on April 30th, 2016 and would otherwise have been lost forever.

Gial Ackbar was a male Mon Calamari who became the foremost military commander of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and its successor government the New Republic.

During the Clone Wars, he was in charge of the Mon Calamari Guard and fought in the battle that had secured Prince Lee-Char's way to the throne as King of Dac.

On 10 February 2011 Mubarak transferred presidential powers to then-Vice President Omar Suleiman, briefly making Suleiman de facto president.

Following Mubarak's resignation, the position of President of Egypt was officially vacated and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, led by Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, assumed executive control of the state.

Later, he fought alongside Renegade Squadron and was once captured by bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The People’s Assembly, the lower house of Parliament, nominated one of a number of candidates for presidency.

The presidential candidate required at least a two-thirds majority in the People’s Assembly in order to proceed to the second stage of the elections, in which the candidate was confirmed by popular plebiscite.

They seem to have taken a step away from this, which makes me a wee bit sad.

Anyone know where to find the Supreme Commander patches? Also, I've been on Steam since the start and had no idea... I guess there's a bunch of games I'm going to be able to play now that aren't out of the box compatible with Win 7... Your welcome, Supreme Commander on Steam says version 1.1.0 but its actually the latest patch with the newer interface.

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This v3269 patch rebalances the infamous Mercy unit and adds three new units as well: the Mongoose, a Tier 2 UEF Assault Bot, the Hoplite, a Tier 2 Cybran Assault Bot and the Absolver, a Tier 3 Aeon Shield Disruptor Tank.

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