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By this time, many guitar manufacturers from the Far East had 10 years experience under their belts, and the improvement in quality began to shine through.

Univox, Kawai, Silvertone and Domino were starting to deliver guitars that – from a price / quality point of view – were beginning to eat into the markets that Fender and Gibson dominated.

These are the characteristics of an Epiphone that make identifying them un-mistakable in comparison to other American made plywood basses from this same time period, the early 1940 until the early 1960’s.

Once we unlocked the mystery of what brand of bass we had, I discovered very little information existed on the history of the Epiphone upright bass.

We stock and ship gear from dozens of major and boutique manufacturers, and work hard to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your experience.

The features that I love about the Epiphone upright bass are the massive factory carved scroll, the medium thickness of the classic two piece neck (there are exceptions), the stylized FF holes and the enamel tail badge.

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Hi folks, With the help of many BHO members and the use of their Tsumura Collections, as well as Epiphone enthusiasts all over the world Vinnie Mondello's work experience; we've managed to figure it out the dating.

Not only was the manufacturing quality improving, but the quality of the REPLICATION was reaching new highs.

The lawyers at Gibson started to get restless, and young guitar players like myself were also getting restless…

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Two major issues defined the progress of electric guitars for most of the seventies.

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