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After the criticism increased, Victoria's Secret removed the items from the company's website and said that the ad campaign was meant for college-age women.

Her work comes with a gym membership, international travel and chef-cooked meals.

But instead of going into an office, Simone Toon’s only jobs are her two breast enlargements, paid for by older sugar daddies who enable her to live a lavish lifestyle without lifting a manicured finger.

The 25-year-old London “lady of leisure” rarely gets up before noon and spends her days primping, shopping at elegant department stores and lunching with friends.

When the ad campaign was launched, Victoria's Secret chief financial officer Stuart Burgdoerfer said that the line of underwear allowed "15 or 16 years old...

to be older, and they want to be cool like the girl in college".

“A sugar baby is somebody who lives a nice lifestyle, living in luxury.

You can live in a nice apartment, funded by your sugar daddy.

Toon — who calls herself a sugar baby — just can’t imagine a life without decadent things provided by a rich older boyfriend.

You are just taken care of by an older man,” she told Barcroft.

“I could never ever imagine being with someone who wouldn’t treat me and wouldn’t pay for my lifestyle. Toon — who started modeling in her hometown of Northamptonshire at 18 — began dabbling in the sugar baby life when she was 20.

“I was introduced to an older guy, who was very successful and it happened naturally.

Yep, you read correctly: this is a full post about boners. I’m going to answer some questions that readers have submitted to us.

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