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What was the point of waiting for marriage for sex if we were just going to fool around with our boyfriends? When we talked about sex at youth group I would always get the same explanations: “Your body is a precious treasure and you need to treat it accordingly.” “Sex is a gift that you only get to give away once.” These explanations didn’t satisfy me. And eventually jumped right over the line when I didn’t see the point in skirting around it anymore. I was living in sin with my boyfriend and it sounded kind of like he was yelling at me. I read the passage he was talking about from 1 Corinthians. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.” Suddenly it made sense to me. But the thing that helped me more than anything else was being able to ask honest questions, and knowing there were people who would try to answer them.If sex was such a bad thing, I wondered, than how come it felt like such a good thing? But I couldn’t kick the feeling that something was really, really wrong. Sex was not a worse sin than any other sin that I could commit. I didn’t have any STDs or unwanted pregnancies or restraining orders against boyfriends. I had to wake up everyday feeling and knowing that my spirit was dying. I’m convinced my generation is asking the wrong questions about sex and sexuality.Matthew Church) After the interview and orientation, we will contact the school and your child can begin the next day! We look forward to developing a partnership with you and your family.

The growth of the youth group was so significant that our church was pursuing the purchase of a bus and considering plans to expand the facility and build a gym. I had no doubt that God had called me to the position and that he had even greater things in store for the ministry and for me. Because of that problem, I am now in prison and the youth group is back on life support.

YLC members will have the opportunity to present at a Unified Theater board meeting, present and perform at special events such as the Spotlight Showcase, and receive one-on-one leadership mentoring from a Unified Theater staff member.

Connor: Connor is very excited to be a member of the YLC this year!

This practical "how to" ebook will walk you through a 30-step process to discovering God's vision for your unique ministry context.

The process also shows you how to implement that vision and put metrics in place to evaluate what is moving the vision forward and what isn't.

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